how it came to be?

first there was Sajeta. then Sajeta became a legalized festival event, with regular main-stream organization, You know, the kind where one has to be shitting in giant plastic boxes and practice art wrapped in fences.

atejas was born on the 16th Sajeta, a seed sprouted, another, but free as the original, event, to counter-balance the stupidity of the ma(i)n-stream money-making-focused festival into which Sajeta was transformed during it’s puberty.

atejas is an attempt at recycling the ideas from the initial founders of the Sajeta event it self as well as mixing in some worm castings to replace the plastics.

who’s atejas?

dj… sculptors… artists… poets… speakers… workers… enjoyers… investors…

it’s like an artists band get-together to create, help each other producing a higher state of art and culture, included with a mobile sound system and two wireless mikes.

it’s everyone who attends the event. it does not get more interactive than this.

when is it?

it is an all year event, atejas is every day!

yearly gathering!

but there is a gathering prior to the Sajeta festival. from the 1st and to the 11th of July, we meet at atejas from 16:20 every day, to express feelings, to communicate and enlighten.