I finally tested the anti-viral properties of Amanita Muscaria. I did the test when I got sick with fever and herpes infection. Took 3.5g of the dried shroom and voila, no more fever, no more infection - and there was no waiting time, it starts working immediately. I now firmly believe this shroom is the real anti-virus of this world, the true cure-all remedy.


I wish I had taken the shroom prior to my hantana-virus experience, I am dead sure it would have been a completely different story.

I guess one has to become humble and really really really have the desire to live, only then the shroom comes around and helps out.

After the ordeal with the Hantana-virus, I got sick again (a month after escaping the ordeal at the hospital and just a day after my last checkup, just a day after doc telling me I am fine). I had fever 39C and an infection in the nose. I was thinking: I do not want to be sick again. I would rather die than be sick again. Luckily I knew about the shroom before, I even picked it and dried it half a year before all of this happened. So logically I said to my self: I either die eating this dried up shroom, than live like a sick man for another day.

T+2h after ingesting the 3.5 grams, I felt good again, fever went down. Next day I was still a bit vague, so I took another 2g. For a good measure I took another gram about T+2d. Since then I have not had a herpes infection anymore. There was only one time when I felt something is coming up and was feeling like I am going to get a cold again, so I took a small amount in the morning and was feeling great after T+15minutes. Did not get a cold or fever or anything since then.

I am thankful I discovered this remedy. It took me years to decipher it - I somehow knew Amanita Muscaria is the Soma - the divine Soma described in the ancient Rig Vedas. It took me years to actually get rid of the fear of ingesting it. I was being told this mushroom is nothing but poison - nobody eats it, nobody respects it. But I do know its true virtue now and do not believe the brainwashing anymore.

I even think, this mushroom is the christ it self - hidden in the Christian beliefs - masked as Jesus him self, but let’s leave this discussion for another day.